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​Anvil's new damped magnetically levitating isolation footers bring natural sound to any component they are placed under including turntables, amplifiers, cd players,  dacs, speakers and phono stages.  Rather than "hyping" a components frequency response ( often in the upper registers ),  the footers allow you to hear the components as the manufacturers intended, with an unforced fluid presentation, "bloom"  and no diminution of bass response. Precisely manufactured of  beautiful non-magnetic graphite flake austenitic iron, the patent pending technology  does not use opposing magnets ( which can act as a spring ),  but rather an innovative new approach which combines magnetic levitation with constrained layer damping.  Each footer weighs 2.2 pounds and measures 1.5" high x 3"wide,  holds 2-30 pounds, and is  adjustable in approximately 1.5 pound  increments.  100% magnetically shielded.

​125.00 ea.